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Fly Fishing Seminars

Led by founder George Patterson, our Fly Fishing for the Mind seminars combine world class fly fishing with developing your inner resources to improve your leadership skills and professional and personal quality of life.

These unique seminars resulted when we discovered how inner feelings of peace and tranquility become so readily accessible while fly fishing or setting aside time for a retreat seminar in a wilderness and inspirational setting. The transformations that occur free the mind to reveal sharpened insight and inner wisdom. This synergy was the inspiration for our Fly Fishing for The Mind Seminars.

The first purpose of this seminar is to have fun and relax while using the metaphors of fly-fishing to help you to live in the moment and enjoy the good feelings of living in your health. The second is to learn how to take that feeling back home with you to your work and to your personal life.

Join us... to share this discovery through a unique adventure!

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Dr. George Patterson



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