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Do we need an intervention? 

Before you know for sure a family member or friend needs an intervention, you need to know what is wrong.  Please download and print the Intervention Questionnaire developed by Dr. Patterson to see if the signs are there to indicate if an intervention is appropriate.

Are they addicted to some type of drug, alcohol or another problem? Should they be seeking help? Some symptoms caused by stress or illness can be mistaken for warnings signs of an addiction or depression.

Is the person willing to get help or is planning to get help on their own? Sometimes an intervention isn't necessary if the person is in the process of getting help. An intervention should not be the first option, as it can dramatically affect the dynamic of current relationships. If the family member is indeed attempting to get help, offer your full support. 

How do we start?

Contact Dr. Patterson and relay your worries and concerns. The doctor will meet with the most directly connected and knowledgeable concerned family member or friend to work with them on discerning how this issue is affecting each of them, how they can address their concerns to the addicted person and - most importantly - whether an intervention is the best approach.   As a result of this initial consultation meeting, the group can determine which model of intervention will be best for this family and how they will proceed.

How does it work?

Ideally an intervention will include key family members and close friends meaningful to the addict. Anxiety and apprehension, and even fear are natural, as there is indeed risk to long-term relationships.  However, using a family workshop model, new methods have been developed to eliminate previous problems and effectively make use of the family's time. There might be several sessions to work through issues and individual behaviors surrounding the addict, as well as a sort of rehearsal of the actual intervention.  Call Dr. Patterson, and with the initial consult you can determine how best to proceed.

There are many options for how to work through an intervention, and only a specialist in the field can take you through the next steps.  Dr. Patterson will help you through the most nurturing and loving process appropriate for your loved one, making sure the addict realizes that all is being said and done out of love and concern.   The goal is for the addict to understand and accept the gravity of their addiction and what the consequence of this is to not only them, but their entire family.

Dr. Patterson will then recommend an addict to a treatment center, at either in-patient or out-patient level, and will assist everyone in making the transition to treatment.   Sometimes this happens immediately, sometimes within a few days.

Remember, there are different types of intervention, and only a professional can help you determine the most appropriate format depending on many factors about the addicted person.

Call Dr. Patterson now to learn more information about this important and caring gift to one you love.

Frequently asked questions

Are you willing/able to respond quickly to intervention calls? 

What age group do you work best with?
18 years and older.

What is your conversion rate?
85-90% on initial intervention - which improves as people come back and say "I'm ready."

Will you escort a patient to treatment? 

What do you charge? 
Please call. 

Will you offer any discounts if needed? 
If in town (Southern California based upon motivation and need and time available). 

What does your fee include? 
A year of coaching and assistance in keeping recovery on track.  This does not include individual sessions, but does include follow ups and the ability for people to call and check in for resources and assistance.

How involved do you like to be in the treatment process? 
I find it essential to be involved and it is part of my stated mission to the family:  "to assist in solving problems which might arise in treatment and to insure that the client and family are getting good care."



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