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Recognized as one of the pioneers in the field of intervention, Dr. Patterson has experienced the benefits - and potential pitfalls -  of several different approaches to this critical area of health developed over the years. 

His own model, Win-Win Intervention, was developed from his pioneering methods which included the family and sought help for them in addition to the addicted individual.  His understanding of family systems has profoundly influenced the effectiveness of his intervention model.  As a trained family therapist, he has discovered that treating the family involved is as crucial as obtaining help for the addicted individual.

Trained in three major models of intervention, Dr. Patterson has developed unique methods which help to maximize the benefits of this life-saving approach and minimize potential problems.

It is imperative that each intervention be tailored to meet the needs of the individual and their family.  The process begins with proper assessment and counseling. Meeting first with the family or friends closest to the person in need is a vital part of safe and healthy intervention.  The solution is often not the "blind sided" confrontation event seen in movies or on television.  Proper assessment of the need of the entire unit of family or friends can help determine the best approach for long term recovery.

With an eye to the safety and health of all concerned, Dr. Patterson has developed a very nurturing path that begins with good communication and understanding of the close circle, then provides guidance for them to determine how their own lives are being affected and what their options are, so they may properly embrace and assist a person who may not realize how deeply addicted they are and how dangerously close they may be to being lost. 

Of additional benefit to those coming for assistance is Dr. Patterson's vast national network of top people in this field.  This allows him to help you tap into specific knowledge from experts in your particular area of distress and, if needed, to point you to the best possible treatment center for your loved one.

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